Minecraft Combat Gets More Tactical In 1.9 Update

by Mike Futter on Feb 29, 2016 at 07:24 AM

The long-awaiting 1.9 update for Minecraft is now available, bringing with it a number of changes. The biggest adjustments are to the combat system, which now requires a bit more strategy.

Different weapon classes now have their own benefits. Swords now offer a sweep attack. Axes now have a crushing blow option.

You’ll need to approach combat a bit more cautiously now. There is a brief cooldown between swings. 

Thankfully, you’ve also got access to new defensive options. Shields have been introduced, giving you some protection from bow-wielding skeletons. This comes just in time, as archers can now use tipped arrows and spectral arrows.

There is a new mob, the Shulker, new block types, additional enchantments, and the ability to resummon the Ender Dragon. For those players approaching endgame, you can also craft the Elytra, a chest plate item that allows you to glide from higher points. You can read the full patch notes on Mojang’s website.