Vivendi Moves To Take Over Gameloft

by Joe Juba on Feb 19, 2016 at 07:48 AM

The drama between Vivendi (Activision’s former parent company) and Gameloft has been building for months – ever since Vivendi started buying up shares in October. Now, it appears that Vivendi is staging a hostile takeover.

After building a stake in Gameloft of over 30 percent, Vivendi offered to buy remaining shares from investors at a price of 6 euros. However, the offer caused Gameloft's stock to rise to 6.37 euros, which means that Vivendi may have to increase the offer to attract sellers.

Gameloft is led by the Guillemot family – the same one steering the ship at Ubisoft. Vivendi has made other aggressive moves with Ubisoft, and a takeover of both companies could be Vivendi’s ultimate goal. Ubisoft called the company’s investments “unsolicited.”

[Source: Bloomberg]


Our Take
Ubisoft isn't directly involved in this particular action, but if the company is Vivendi's real target, it seems hard to believe that Guillemot family will let this kind of maneuver pass without some sort of fight.