Make War Not Love With Deals On Three Sega Real-Time Strategy Franchises

by Mike Futter on Feb 14, 2016 at 08:26 AM

It’s Valentine’s Day, which means you might consider cuddling up to someone close to you. Or, you can challenge them to an online duel and kill them right in their face.

Relic and Creative Assembly, Sega’s dynamic duo of real-time strategy studios, are at it again with Make War, Not Love 3. Starting today through February 20, you can nab three different Sega RTS titles - Total War: Attila, Company of Heroes 2, and Dawn of War II - for 75 percent off on Steam.

Make War, Not Love isn’t just about cheap games, though. Sega is challenging fans to play as much as they can between now and February 20. The game that racks up the most hours will get a free piece of DLC unlocked.

For Company of Heroes 2, the Advanced Emplacement Regiment and Mobile Assault Regiment add-ons (due on February 25) will be free. If Dawn of War II comes out on top, it’ll be the Tau Commander. And if Total War: Attila wins the contest, the upcoming Slavic Nations Culture Pack (due on February 25) will be free.

If you’re not sure about Total War: Attila or Company of Heroes 2, you can bide your time until next weekend. Both will be available to play for free from February 18 through February 20.

So pick a side (or multiple sides) and get to playing. Throughout the week, Sega will also be dishing out free games and deep discounts in three rounds. For more, visit the Make War Not Love website, pick a side, and subscribe to Sega’s newsletter.