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How First-Person Games Trick Our Brains By Creating Monstrosities: Firewatch Edition

by Mike Futter on Feb 12, 2016 at 02:36 AM

One of the clever tricks of video game development is convincing our brains that scale and perspective match real-world equivalents. When we’re playing a first-person shooter, we imagine someone that looks and is proportioned like us. Sometimes we’re reminded that it just isn’t so.

You have seen this comic by John Kleckner that paints a humorous (and disturbing) picture of the monstrosities of FPS design we rarely see:

The truth isn’t terribly far off. Campo Santo artist Olly Moss shared clips of in-production Firewatch animation on Twitter that reveals Henry (the protagonist) to be a deformed, double-jointed freak.

With the realization that Henry is a hulking, giant-handed, troll, we agree with Moss. The next Smash Bros. game must offer up a little Firewatch love.

For more on Campo Santo’s debut game, check out our review. If you happen to playing on PlayStation 4, know that a fix for the frame rate issues is on the way.

[Source: Olly Moss on Twitter, John Kleckner (Comic Image)]