Rocket League Launching On Xbox One On February 17

by Jeff Marchiafava on Feb 09, 2016 at 12:09 PM

Psyonix Studios' vehicular take on soccer is finally coming to Xbox One, and the developer has outlined what fans can expect from the package.

Rocket League became an overnight sensation when it launched last July on PlayStation 4 and PC, as players learned the joy of explosive goals and rocket-assisted aerial flips. Xbox One fans have been waiting patiently on the bench for their chance on the pitch, and now the wait is almost over. Today Psyonix announced on Twitter that the game will be available to Xbox One owners on February 17.

In an accompanying post on Xbox Wire, Psyonix vice president Jeremy Dunham announced that Rocket League will cost $20 when it launches next Wednesday, and include three of the game's existing DLC packs. Here they are, with descriptions courtesy of Dunham:

  • “Supersonic Fury” – Two Premium Battle-Cars, 12 Decals, 5 Paint types, 2 Rocket Trails, 2 Wheels
  • “Revenge of the Battle-Cars” – Two Premium Battle-Cars, 12 Decals, 3 Paint types, 2 Rocket Trails, 2 Wheels, 4 Toppers, 2 Antennas
  • “Chaos Run” – Two Premium Battle-Cars, 12 Decals, 2 Wheels, 2 Rocket Trails, 3 Toppers, 3 Antennas

The Xbox One version of Rocket League will also include two vehicles based on Gears of War's Armadillo and Halo's Warthog, along with some Sunset Overdrive-themed garage items. If you're still not sure what the fuss is all about, read our review, and check out our tips from the game's creators.

[Source: Twitter, Xbox Wire]


Our Take
Having to wait an extra seven months to get your hands on a game sucks, so it's good to see that Psyonix is throwing in some extra DLC and exclusive vehicles to sweeten the deal. The real bonus is all the updates and improvements that Psyonix has added to the game over the last half-year, which Xbox One owners will get to enjoy on day one. Have fun!