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A Corgi Gun? XCOM 2 Mod Support Is Working As Intended

by Mike Futter on Feb 05, 2016 at 10:25 AM

XCOM 2 is out today, and modders are already starting to flex their muscles. You can add submachine guns to your arsenal. A Muton Centurion enemy type can show up and give your squad trouble with another user-created add-on. Oh, and then there’s a corgi gun.

The ACORG-47 transforms your weapon into the most vicious of animals: the Welsh Corgi. This diminutive dog should not be underestimated. Because it shoots bullets.

Creator JonTerp set out to replace the floating Gremlin bot with a corgi, but was unable to make it work. In a freak experiment, he was able to get the gun model to change and, thus, the ACORG-47 was born.

As we all know, aliens and dogs don’t get along. Or is that Terminators. Whatever. Shoot stuff with a dog gun. 

You can grab this mod (and a few others currently available) by subscribing via Steam Workshop.

[Source: Steam via GameRanx]