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Metal Gear Solid V Characters Infiltrate Fallout 4's Wasteland In New Mod

by Tim Turi on Feb 04, 2016 at 07:01 AM

The world of Fallout 4 mods is as wild as it is woolly, but a recent, down-to-earth fan creation inserts some of last year's most memorable characters into Fallout 4's Commonwealth. Intrepid Fallout 4 modder Akiba91 has made it possible for MGSV fans to put Snake, Quiet, and Skullface into their Wasteland adventures.

The Metal Gear Solid: All In One mod pack allows players to fight the violent synths of the Wasteland as Snake, all the while benefiting from his companion Quiet. It's the perfect solution for the Metal Gear fan who has conquered the huge selection of Side Ops in MGSV and are looking for a new mission. You can also equip the series' legendary banndana, though we can't confirm if it grants you the gift on unlimited energy cells or Mini-Nukes.

Head over to Nexus Mods, download the free mod, and make "V come to" in Fallout 4.

[Source: Nexus Mods via Destructoid]