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The Witness Being Considered For Xbox One, Mac, And Mobile

by Mike Futter on Feb 02, 2016 at 09:39 AM

Thekla’s The Witness has been out for a week, and already the studio is considering other platforms to which it might bring the game. In an update on the game’s website, the studio shared some financial data and plans it is considering for the future.

The Witness, a puzzle game we quite liked, launched on PlayStation Network and PC. Both platforms are reportedly doing quite well, with $5 million revenue raised. Both platforms beat out Thekla front-man Jonathan Blow's last game, Braid, in terms of first week unit sales.

The game has not yet broken even, but the developer suggests that the trend line lands the company in a good place. As with any game, revenue is split with platform holders (typically about 30 percent to Sony or Valve), with tax also being collected.

This comes shortly after Blow lamented piracy so excessive that it might cripple the studio’s ability to continue on. Despite the popularity on torrent sites, the law-abiding crowd seems to be enthused, too.

Currently, the studio is working on patching some issues on PC related to specific video cards. Additional updates will add a few features, including control customization and rendering options.

After that, Thekla will be investigating Xbox One, Mac, iOS, and Android. There are no promises, but the developer says that those platforms are under “serious consideration.”

[Source: Thekla]


Our Take
The Witness seems to be all the buzz on social media. Having not had the opportunity to play it yet, I’m content to watch others thump their heads against the puzzles. It’s an odd spectator sport, but not one devoid of amusement.