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Loot Crate Goes All-In On Gaming With New Monthly Offering

by Mike Futter on Jan 29, 2016 at 05:00 AM

At a PAX South panel today, Loot Crate announced that it will be adding a new monthly offering to its lineup. Loot Gaming joins the original monthly crate, Loot Anime, Loot Pets, and limited edition crates in the company’s lineup.

Loot Gaming doesn’t mean the end of game-related items in the regular monthly crate. Instead, the company says it will be curating a higher tier of products, and many of them will be created for Loot Crate or will be time- or variant-exclusive.

“It’s a different tier of item in the same category,” Loot Crate founder Matt Arevalo told me. “Whereas you can expect a really cool t-shirt in a loot crate, you would expect to find other kinds of wearables in Loot Gaming that are appropriate for the price point.”

The first crate, carrying the "Legacy" theme, is scheduled to launch this spring and will feature items from a number of major franchises. Included in the first batch will be exclusive items from Halo, Street Fighter, and Skyrim designed alongside the publishers.

The Loot Gaming subscriptions are priced at $25 plus shipping and handling and offer an approximate total value of $60 per month. This compares against $15 plus shipping and handling for the core monthly bundle, which targets $45 of value.

In addition to Loot Gaming, the company recently announced a recurring Firefly crate. This is the first repeating, license-specific offering that Loot Crate will offer. These will drop every other month with a value of $65 and items designed by Quantum Mechanix, which has the Firefly license and has created a range of items based on the short-lived but beloved series.

If you’re interested in learning more about these, Loot Crate is taking email sign-ups so people can be notified when orders become available. You can check out Loot Gaming here and the Firefly Cargo crate here.