Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Hits Wii U Virtual Console

by Mike Futter on Jan 28, 2016 at 08:25 AM

While Final Fantasy Tactics began its life on the PlayStation, it flourished on Nintendo handhelds. The first of two brilliant titles in the series, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, is now available for a new audience.

The game, which brings our heroes from the schoolyard to the magical land of Ivalice. It featured a job system similar to the PlayStation original, but innovated due to its Laws feature.

In each battle, you’ll find a heavily armored and invincible Judge. These arbiters of law will issue restrictions on the battle, prohibiting the use of certain weapons or spells. Defying them twice or knocking out an enemy with a forbidden attack will result in imprisonment.

The system has a flip side that encourages the use of some attacks. Doing so yields Judge Points that can be used for powerful attacks and summons.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is available starting today on the Wii U virtual console.


Our Take
The colorful world of Ivalice retains its charm in the first of the two handheld Tactics games. I imagine it will translate nicely to the Wii U, and is well worth your time if you’ve not played it.