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The Creators Of Burnout Destroy Golf As We Know It

by Matthew Kato on Jan 26, 2016 at 03:15 AM

To many, golf is a boring sport, but that can be solved with tens of thousands of dollars' worth of destruction and no regard for the rules. Dangerous Golf – the upcoming title from Three Fields Entertainment – comes from the minds of Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry, the people behind the Burnout series who clearly only want to watch the world burn.

Dangerous Golf throws out the rules of the sport and leaves only the simple mandate of breaking as much of the level apart before you put the ball in the hole. No swing meters, out of bounds, or clubs to get in the way.

Hit your first shot and use the gas/brake controls to help accrue damage while busting up the environment, whether it's a kitchen, gaudy palace, gas station, or whatever. Accrue enough damage and you'll earn a Smashbreaker, which runs for a limited amount of time and makes the ball even more powerful. Winning the hole, however, isn't as simple as dropping the ball into the cup. Any given level has so much stuff to bust up, whether it's splattering food all over the place, knocking things down, or hitting those hard-to-reach places, that help maximize your chances to rack up money. Performing a trick shot still requires some strategy though  – like hitting the ball off the gameplay camera, through the level, and then into the hole – in order to cash in big.

Naturally you'll have different variables to mix things up, such as traveling through multiple rooms to get to the hole, teleportation, varying objectives (like hitting or not hitting certain objects), disappearing hole flags, vehicles, and much more. Multiplayer options include 8-player online and offline co-op, the latter of which requires you to pass the controller.

If Ward and Sperry's history with Burnout has taught us anything, it's that they can take a simple premise and turn it into hours of unscripted fun.

If Dangerous Golf's wanton destruction has you pining for Burnout, Three Fields previously announced that after Dangerous Golf it will begin work on a spiritual successor to the series. But judging by this game, it looks like we might already have it.

Dangerous Golf will be available digitally this spring on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.