Livelock Takes Aim At Apocalyptic Co-Op Shooting Action

by Jeff Cork on Jan 26, 2016 at 05:01 AM

Perfect World Entertainment has announced its latest game, and it's a departure from the free-to-play publisher's usual fare. Livelock is co-op top-down shooter set in a future where robots battle over what's left of Earth.

Depending upon your level of misanthropy, a 22nd century planet largely devoid of humanity may or may not be the worst possible future. That doesn't mean that it's completely grim, however. The game's announce trailer, which you can see below, highlights a character named Hex who either stumbled upon a trove of Internet humor or was programmed by someone who kept the tradition of dank memes alive.

Players take control of something called a Capital Intellect, which is essentially a human consciousness that's been uploaded to a mechanical body. In this case, it's Hex. There are two additional characters in the works, each with unique weapons and special abilities.

Livelock is coming simultaneously to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this year. It's being developed by Tuque Games, which was working on an earlier incarnation of the game called World War Machine. After that initial fundraising, Tuque partnered with Perfect World to release the game.