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No, Bungie And Activision Aren’t Going To Charge Real Money For Destiny Ammo

by Mike Futter on Jan 25, 2016 at 02:43 AM

You might have seen a report this morning that claims that Destiny will be getting a new form of microtransaction. If you’re worried about Bungie and Activision charging for heavy ammo synth, you can rest easy.

We reached out to Activision, who was quick to dismiss VG 24/7’s report from a single source as false. “We’re not doing that,” a representative told us via email.

Destiny has been the subject of other reports recently, including with Kotaku indicating via multiple sources that the second installment in the series might be moved out of 2016 (though Activision has never publicly announced a release this year). That report also indicates that the future of the blockbuster series is in flux as higher-ups determine what content to release as part of Destiny and what to hold for the sequel.

You can read Kotaku’s full report for details.


Our Take
Big games like Destiny are magnets for rumors, especially as fans have had to react to the addition of cosmetic and level booster real money purchases. The shift away from monolithic DLC to in-game events has also been a significant change. Fans get a win here, as the microtransaction creep is not continuing further (at least not like this).