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Reader Discussion: What Games Do You Regret Missing Out On?

by Javy Gwaltney on Jan 23, 2016 at 11:00 AM

You ever have a game that everybody wouldn't stop talking about and then when you finally got around to playing it, for whatever reason, you couldn't even make that much progress?  It hadn't aged well. It was overrated. Something about it rubbed you the wrong way. So on, so forth.

I've got two: Final Fantasy VII (our first GI Game Club title, actually) and Earthbound. I've only ever managed to play both of those for a couple of hours each, years after they came out, and just couldn't complete them. As someone who's never been that much into JRPGs to begin with, I lost interest in them pretty quickly. Still, I always feel a tinge of regret when people are talking excitedly about memories they have that are tied to those two games and how I'll never know what it was to be a kid with a PlayStation and a copy of Final Fantasy VII when it was released (I was too busy sending orcs to their deaths in Warcraft II). But now I'm old(er) and cranky and snobby about games so whatever magic is there with those two games is probably lost to me forever. Wah.

What about you folks? What are some games you've missed out on that you just can't play? Let us know in the comments!