More Hints At Apple Joining Virtual Reality Race: Company Hires VR Researcher

by Joe Juba on Jan 22, 2016 at 05:55 AM

Technology giant Apple already has already made some virtual reality related moves, like filing patents and acquiring technology. The company’s latest hire also points in the direction of developing VR that might compete with the likes of Samsung, Sony, HTC, and Oculus.

According to Financial Times, Apple has hired Doug Bowman, a former computer science professor from Virginia Tech whose research included three-dimensional user interfaces.

When (or if) we see the fruits of Apple’s forays remains to be seen, but with so many of its tech competitors venturing into the new space, the company isn’t likely to be left behind.

[Source: Financial Times]


Our Take
It's no secret that Apple is exploring options in VR. With no official announcements, saying exactly what form the technology will take is difficult. However, Apple is likely cooking something up.