Age Of Mythology's New Expansion Gets Release Date

by Joe Juba on Jan 22, 2016 at 10:30 AM

Age of Mythology came out in 2002, so you might think that its expanding days are done. Not so! Last year, developer Forgotten Empires announced a new expansion called Tale of the Dragon. Now we know exactly when this new addition will be hitting: January 28.

The expansion is for the Extended Edition of the original game that was re-released on Steam in 2014. It has a new campaign, and adds a new civilization and major gods based on Chinese mythology.

The last full expansion for Age of Mythology, The Titans, came out in 2003 – but the long wait for a new expansion will be over soon.

[Source: Forgotten Empires via Windows Central]


Our Take
Though I never got into Age of Mythology myself, I love the idea of new content being developed for such an old and beloved game. It makes me wish that some benevolent developer would pick up the torch are start revitalizing some of my favorite old-school franchises.