[Update] Mortal Kombat XL Includes Every Fighter, Skin & Fatality, No Kombat Pack 2 For PC

by Matthew Kato on Jan 20, 2016 at 03:49 AM

Update: Warner Bros. has confirmed to us that Mortal Kombat on PC will not be receiving new content. This includes both the newly announced XL Edition and the additional four characters coming in the Kombat Pack 2.

Original Story:

Mortal Kombat X has received a bevy of additional characters via pre-order bonus or as a purchase, and you can have them all in the Mortal Kombat XL edition.

Mortal Kombat XL – available March 1 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – gathers all the skins and characters that have been released for the game, whether that's the Predator or Jason Voorhees. It also includes all the fatalities and other moves that have been offered for the title. Those that pre-order will also get the cosplay pack featuring ninja costumes for Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs.

In other Mortal Kombat X news, the studio has announced a closed beta for the game's improved netcode. Find out about it here.

[Source: NetherRealm Studios]


Our Take
Given that this release comes right on the heels of the announcement of Kombat Pack 2 (featuring content included in MK XL), this further crowds a DLC channel for the game which already includes the first Kombat Pack, a Premium Edition, and plenty of a la carte items. While GOTY-type editions like this are common, it doesn't make it any less disappointing for excited fans who have been purchasing content up to this point. I guess the best course of action to prevent fans from wasting your money is to wait and see what the prices are for MK XL and the Kombat Pack 2 before buying anything.