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The Last Of Us, Metal Gear Solid Stars Featured In The Witness

by Mike Futter on Jan 14, 2016 at 08:16 AM

At the end of this month, Thekla’s mysterious puzzle game The Witness will be out after years of development. While the story (and in fact, much of the gameplay) is a mystery, one detail has emerged today.

The cast that will be accompanying you on the exploration of discovery was revealed today on the PlayStation Blog. Three of the actors will be familiar to gamers, with one newcomer making her digital debut.

The voices you’ll be hearing belong to The Last of Us’ Ashley Johnson, Metal Gear Sold 2’s Phil LaMarr, and The Order: 1886’s Matthew Waterson. Joining them is musician Terra Deva, though she won’t be playing music in The Witness. In fact, The Witness has no music.

While there are voice actors, the story isn’t going to be straightforward. Developer Jonathan Blow says that it “happens mostly implicitly.”

The Witness will be out on PlayStation 4 and PC on January 26. For more, check out our previous coverage.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]


Our Take
While I’m still not entirely sure what The Witness is (details seem to be intentionally sparse), I suspect that it’s something people will be talking about. I enjoyed Braid, though never cared for the obtuse manner in which players needed to unlock the real ending. I suspect I’ll be content to watch others uncover the cryptic and hidden details.