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Hitman Ditches Confusing Release Model Entirely, Now Fully Episodic

by Mike Futter on Jan 14, 2016 at 07:19 AM

Square Enix is dumping Hitman’s confusing and controversial release scheme entirely. After news that pre-orders had been canceled emerged yesterday, the company announced today that the upcoming title will now be released in a traditional episodic format.

Release is still on track for March 11, with a prologue mission and the previously showcased Paris setting. Three will be monthly releases, with Italy planned for April and Morocco releasing in May. Other settings will include Thailand, the United States, and Japan.

Square Enix hasn’t detailed concrete release windows for the second half of the installments. However, the publisher does say that a disc version will be available at the end of 2016.

You’ll still be able to purchase the full game for $60, but pricing for the starter edition has been revised. You can buy in at $15, with each additional episode priced at $10. A single-purchase upgrade to the “full experience” version will be available for $50.

A beta is planned for PlayStation 4 and PC. The former begins on February 12. The latter kicks off on February 19. Access is guaranteed with a pre-order of the $60 “full experience” option or the $15 “intro pack.”


Our Take
The shifting sands of the Hitman release have been curious to observe, but likely a reaction to consumer confusion. Releasing this as a fully episodic game translates the intent into a language gamers understand. I like that Square Enix is experimenting with delivery models, but I appreciate more how flexible the publisher has become in the face of feedback.