Just Cause 3 Sky Fortress Expansion Incoming

by Matthew Kato on Jan 06, 2016 at 03:34 AM

While gamers have been doing as they please in Medici, Just Cause 3 developer has been busy on the game's first expansion as well as other areas of the title.

The developer is currently working on the Sky Fortress DLC pack, which will be the first in the game's air, land, and sea-themed additional content. While Avalanche isn't saying exactly what's in Sky Fortress, it will contain new missions and other surprises. No release date has been given for the DLC.

While one part of Avalanche works on the expansion, the other is busy readying an update for the game pertaining to bugs, optimization, and other improvements. The next patch for the title is expected later in January.

Finally, weapons and vehicles from the game's pre-order campaign will be released to the platform's various storefronts today.

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[Source: Just Cause 3 Steam Page]


Our Take
For a game already chock-full of things to do, it will be interesting to see how these expansions try – or don't try – to expand the experience for players in a meaningful way other than just giving them more of already what's there.