HTC Announces Second Vive Developer Kit

by Mike Futter on Jan 05, 2016 at 04:40 AM

With CES now underway, news is starting to trickle out of Las Vegas, where the show is held. While Oculus is making news this week with pre-orders for the consumer version of the Rift, HTC and Valve are ramping up with developers.

HTC says that the headset has been redesigned, as have the two motion controller wands. The straps on the head-mounted display have been redesigned to rebalance weight. 

The displays have been retooled to be brighter and clearer. There are also interchangeable foam inserts and gaskets, which should make the Vive more easily compatible with a variety of corrective eyewear.

Unfortunately, HTC didn’t send along images for the updated form factor. We’ll update should we receive new images of the redesigned hardware.

For more on the Vive, check out our January 2016 issue, which covers what’s coming for virtual reality this year.

Update: Images of the second Vive developer kit have been added.


Our Take
While it’s unfortunate that HTC didn’t send along images to accompany the news, the information about interchangeable elements is promising. One of our concerns about virtual reality displays is how they will work for glasses-wearers. This seems like it will help in that regard.