Sony Steps In To Save The Vita Version Of The Banner Saga

by Ben Reeves on Dec 23, 2015 at 06:57 AM

After an extensive delay, Stoic Entertainment's fantasy, viking-themed strategy game The Banner Saga will finally be headed to the PlayStation Vita in 2016. The fate of the handheld iteration was in jeopardy after Stoic revealed how its original porting partner folded without finishing the project.

The Banner Saga originally released on PC back in January of 2014. Console and Vita versions have been in the works for a long time. Thankfully, owners of Sony's handheld don't need to give up hope. PlayStation's director of third party and production Gio Corsi just tweeted that Sony would be helping publisher Versus Evil bring the game to its handheld.

The current-gen console versions are still due for release on January 12. To find out if the game is worth playing, check out our review of the original PC version.

[Source: Gio Corsi on Twitter]


Our Take
This is a little surprising. After the delay – and given the state of the Vita's library – we might have assumed that the game would never make it to Sony's handheld. This is good news for Vita owners. Hopefully, we'll see the handheld get more support next year than it did this year.