The New Kojima Productions Might Make More Than Games

by Joe Juba on Dec 16, 2015 at 03:00 PM

Recently, Sony revealed its partnership with Hideo Kojima's new studio to make a new PS4 title. When he worked at Konami, Kojima made video games. That's going to continue with the new incarnation of Kojima Productions, but it won't necessarily be the only content the team produces.

In an interview with IGN, Kojima reveals that the studio's first project is a game, but he is interested in exploring other forms of digital content. "Once we have an established IP in games, something solid that satisfies people, then we can consider movies and videos," he says.

Read IGN's full story if you're interested in learning more about the present and future goals of the new Kojima Productions. There are other tidbits in there about the scope of the games they plan to create, and the size of the team Kojima would like to work with.

[Source: IGN]


Our Take
Hideo Kojima's love of film is well-known, and it shines through in the narratives and cutscenes he created for the Metal Gear series. As someone who was never bothered by the length of those cinematics, I'm happy to hear that his studio might expand beyond games and explore other options. Whether that's full movies, shorts, or even interactive toys, I can't wait to see what the team develops.