Sony & Hideo Kojima Partnering For New PS4 Game

by Matthew Kato on Dec 16, 2015 at 06:17 AM

Update #2: More details have emerged from a Sony FAQ on the matter, which has since been taken down.

European Community Manager at SCEE, Lucas Liaskos originally posted on Medium (as PadPoet) an FAQ on the Sony/Kojima Productions partnership. Liaskos confirms he was asked to take the document down, however we were able to cull a cached version (below) to share the details with you.

Hopefully Sony will repost the information again at some point. Note: If Sony republishes the FAQ, info may change.

Click on the image below to get the full FAQ and zoom in for the full size.

Update #1:

Sony Computer Entertainment has published an FAQ regarding its recently announced partnership with Hideo Kojima and his nascent Kojima Productions development studio. The FAQ addresses a variety of questions, bringing to light a few new details.

The FAQ (click on the source link below for the full transcript) outlines that Kojima Productions' first project as part of the partnership is a timed PS4 exclusive. After the exclusivity period is over, the game will appear for PC. Sony says it's not commenting on the length of the exclusivity period or overall deal, and whether the contract includes a second title or more. No other platforms are mentioned in the FAQ. The game's release date or time period has not been announced.

Sony is not investing in the independent studio (and will not say whether it owns the copyright to the franchise), but Sony will publish that game and "support the title as necessary."

Both sides are stressing that this first project for the developer is a new franchise, and as such the FAQ specifically addresses whether the game will "have something to do" either with the Metal Gear or Silent Hills properties. On both fronts, Sony says, "No. It will be something new," and adds that those franchises are owned by Konami. Speaking of Konami, the FAQ specifically addresses Sony's relationship with Konami going forward, but Sony says that it will not change, labeling Kojima's former company as "one of SCE's most important publishers."

The FAQ also brings up whether the game will support PlayStation VR and/or the Vita, but Sony says it has nothing to announce at this time.

[Source: Sony Computer Entertainment]


Original Story:

Metal Gear creator and former Konami employee Hideo Kojima has announced a partnership with Sony to deliver a new PlayStation franchise to the console manufacturer through his independent studio named Kojima Productions.

In the announcement video below, Kojima says that Kojima Productions is independently owned and that this partnership with Sony will be the studio's first project. Of course, Kojima Productions is the same name of the internal Konami branch when he was with his former employer.

Earlier today a report from Japanese news organization Nikkei said Kojima would be opening his own studio, and now we have official word.

Other details of the project are unknown at this time. However, Kojima promises it will be a "new and innovative gaming experience."

The studio also inaugurated its own official website where you can read a mission statement from Kojima and see various jobs posted.

Hideo Kojima's twitter account also had this to say...

Developing story...


[Source: Official PlayStation YouTube, Kojima Productions]