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Ten Fan Art Mashups That Brilliantly Combine Beloved Series

by Parker Lemke on Dec 15, 2015 at 01:51 PM

If the success of Super Smash Bros is anything to go by, plenty of gamers like to see their favorite characters cross into each other's universes to both battle it out or pal around. Thankfully, there are tons of talented online artists out there who can bring to life even the most unlikely fictional mashups. We've gathered a selection of their charming artwork that made our crossover dreams come true.

Going by what I saw while combing DeviantArt for these pieces, Nintendo crossovers are widely popular. Make sure to follow the links to the artists' individual portfolios to view their other creations. They're a feast for the eyes.

Zelda - Legend of dead space – Iggy-design

Samus vs Husk Horde – philzero

Unbreakable – Devolist

Game Over – patrickballesteros

Splatoon/Sunshine – DoctorGlasgow

SNES All-Stars : Everyday is Play – Tigerhawk01

Mario vs. Big Daddy – SebastianvonBuchwald

Sonic and the Thievious Hedgehogus – miitoons


Courtship – Ryzie42


What mashups would you like to see represented in fan art? Let us know in the comments!