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Chill In Your Luxury Apartment Or A Yacht Full Of Missiles In GTA Online's Newest DLC

by Joseph Knoop on Dec 10, 2015 at 06:12 AM

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A life of crime in Grand Theft Auto Online is often a short, tumultuous one, even more so when every other player is out to get you. Rockstar’s newly announced expansion “Executives and Other Criminals” aims to change that, providing players with new living arrangement options and gameplay modes.

Players can gain access to customizable luxury homes, including stilted houses in Vinewood Hills and the fully staffed Super Yacht. The Super Yacht isn’t just for an extravagant show, though. Players can up upgrade their vessel to include an automated missile defense system.

Players will also gain access to new modes, challenges, and abilities in Freemode, including the ability to hire (and fire) a team of other players to act as bodyguards. Players gracious enough to offer their skills as a gun-for-hire will earn in-game money, Rockstar Points, GTA$, and stat boosts for their efforts.

It isn’t all small militias and yachts, though. Organizations can go head-to-head in Freemode in new missions, utilizing new armored vehicle variants, including the Turreted Limousine, personal watercraft, and SuperVolito Carbon helicopter.

Rockstar also added that certain Freemode events will automatically adapt to players who control organizations, including King of the Hill, Moving Target, and others. The new “Extraction Adversary Mode” challenges two teams to either track down and rescue their Executive from a downed jet or beat the Executive’s team there and take out their target. New weapons, vehicles, and other additions are also planned for release in the expansion, but Rockstar did not detail these.

Grand Theft Auto Online: Executives and Other Criminals is scheduled to release for free on December 15 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Rockstar has currently made no mention of making the expansion available for last-gen systems. Check out our coverage of GTA Online's most recent DLC, the Lowrider shop customization package here.