Minecraft Pocket Edition Sure Has Come A Long Way

by Mike Futter on Dec 09, 2015 at 05:44 AM

When Minecraft Pocket Edition was first launched in 2011, it was a mere shadow of its PC sibling. There was no survival mode, no enemies, no day/night cycle, and relatively small worlds to make your own. It’s come a long way though, adding a number of features and becoming a basis for the Windows 10 edition.

Today, Microsoft and Mojang are showcasing the evolution of its most diminutive installment, which has garnered more than 30 million downloads. The latest update added redstone to create switchable lights, doorbells, and other powered creations.

There are also new biomes, bunnies, and additional settlers via DLC. Players can team up with friends, enter the Nether, and take on monsters just like in the classic PC version.

You can download Minecraft Pocket Edition on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. You can also play a larger version of the vastly evolved iteration on Windows 10.


Our Take
There was a great deal of concern when Microsoft purchased Mojang. However, the company has made good faith efforts at every step to support other platforms. Minecraft is on its way to Wii U later this month, and DLC continues to roll out for players on a range of devices.