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Rounding Up Sony's PlayStation 4 VR Announcements

by Mike Futter on Dec 05, 2015 at 09:00 AM

At PlayStation Experience today, Sony rolled out a number of announcements for the upcoming PlayStation VR headset. We've rounded up all of the news here, along with some additional details that were dropped earlier this week.

There's still no official release date or price, but PSVR will be launching in the first half of 2016.

Classroom Aquatic

Take on the role of a dolphin student who needs to cheat in order to pass his test. You'll have to devise clever ways to peek at your friends' work, while avoiding your teacher's gaze. You'll need to cheat with poirpose in order to make the grade.

World War Toons

Violence in a virtual landscape is going to be a tricky challenge for developers, but that doesn't mean first-person shooters don't have a place. Reload Studios is staffed with ex-Call of Duty developers and Marvel and Disney animators. The combination is an FPS designed to be compatible with VR comfort needs.

Reload has figured out some tricks to fit standard FPS classes into a VR game. For instance, the Sniper doesn't rapidly zoom (something that might make people sick). Instead, the potential victim is shown with a large head when aiming down the scope.


White Elk will be taking PSVR owners to a distant world in its upcoming first-person exploration game. After a crash-landing, you'll use your powered space suit to explore a twisted dreamland and the remains of an ancient civilization.

With the aid of a relic, you'll be able to manipulate the world around you. Through exploration, you'll find new fragments and unlock new powers.


The roads are full of hazards, and you'll need to navigate them to live. Refract's "survival racer" Distance is coming to PlayStation VR. 

The game features some trappings of infinite runners, and like those, you won't be doing laps behind the wheel in Distance. Instead, you'll be working from point A to point B while dodging dangerous and deadly obstacles.

Modern Zombie Taxi Co.

Virtual reality is a playground for the imagination. We just never thought someone would imagine a mashup of Goat Simulator, Crazy Taxi, and [Insert Zombie Game Here]. We love [Insert Zombie Game]. It's a good one.

Expect this kind of wackiness to be a staple of early virtual reality. Well, not exactly this kind of wackiness. There will be other kinds.

Rez Infinite

The pulse-pounding psychadelic shooter that enraptured PlayStation 2 fans is getting a complete makeover for PlayStation VR. On stage at the PlayStation Experience, we got our first look at how players will cruise the trough the polygonal world.

The game was demoed by creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi wearing a light up suit. According to 8-4 Ltd.'s Mark McDonald, Rez Infinite has been in development for two years, will run at 1080p, 120 fps in VR, and make use of PSVR's 360-degree positional audio.

Job Simulator

Ever wonder what it's like to have a job? Do you want to experience eating donuts and drinking coffee? Owlchemy Labs has the solution.

Job Simulator puts players in a virtual cubicle with all the trappings of a nine-to-five job. You can take breaks, staple papers, or glare menacingly at your computer. 

Eagle Flight

Ubisoft's E3 tech demo featuring a soaring eagle is now a full-fledged game. While Eagle Flight looks like it could be ripped out of the Assassin's Creed universe, the publisher has carefully avoided tying it to one of its biggest franchises.

You'll be able to soar, dive, and make your way through tight passages. The closing moments of the PlayStation Experience trailer hint that multiplayer will be supported.


Highwire's first game puts players in control of a lumbering mechanical golem. The trailer shown at PlayStation Experience indicates that we'll actually be following the story of the person controlling the creature.

The world of Golem appears to be harsh and unforgiving, with the person controlling it tucked away safely. Is this the first example of a virtual world within a virtual world?

100 Ft. Robot Golf

Roundabout developer No Goblin is back with another absurd game. 100 Ft. Robot Golf answers the question no one has ever asked: What happens when giant robots hit the links?

Just like with its FMV-infused revolving limo game, expect wacky humor. Also, there are giant robots. So, that's worth sticking around for. 

Ace Combat 7

Fly the unfriendly skies once more, with Bandai Namco's PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR dogfighting game. This time out, players will be able to enjoy the speed and drama of plane-vs-plane action built on Unreal Engine 4.

While Bandai Namco has announced PlayStation VR features, the exact nature of them hasn't yet been detailed.

Psychonauts: In the Rhombus of Ruin

In addition to the newly announced Psychonauts 2, Double Fine is working on a VR project. The upcoming tale in the Psychonauts universe will bridge Raz's story from the 2005 original to the upcoming sequel.