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New Update Brings Minecraft Windows 10 And Pocket Editions Closer To Parity With Minecraft Proper

by Marcus Stewart on Nov 20, 2015 at 08:54 AM

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The Windows 10 Minecraft beta has been a curious thing to watch develop. Rather than continue with the mod-friendly PC version fans know, Mojang has paired the Windows 10 edition with the 30 million unit-selling Pocket version. Concerned fans have called out the lack of parity between those versions and Minecraft proper, specifically for its lack of mod integration. Thankfully, Mojang is addressing some of those concerns (no, mod support isn't here yet) with the new 0.13 update, which further closes the gap between platforms.

Following update 0.12, version 0.13 gives Windows 10/Pocket players access to the Nether, Enchanting and Brewing (introduced in 0.12), and the highly requested Basic Redstone. Additionally, players can discover and explore sandstone temples in desert biomes, and rabbits now populate the world. You can read the update's full announcement for complete details. 

To illustrate how the Windows 10 user-interface is being improved, Mojang has a few .gifs showcasing the changes made. The first image is a temporary interface that is then replaced with the new iteration. First up is anvil menu:

Next is the chest. 

Last but not least, the furnace. 


Our Take
It's good to see Minecraft becoming a more unified experience across all platforms. Soon fans will be able to enjoy the same, world-building game no matter what device they choose to play on.