Night Dive Working On System Shock Remake After Acquiring Series Rights

by Matthew Kato on Nov 12, 2015 at 04:06 AM

Night Dive, the developer who brought an enhanced version of System Shock (shown) to classic game retailer GoG earlier this year, has acquired the rights to the System Shock franchise and has started work on a remake of the original title.

According to a Fast Company interview with Night Dive CEO Stephen Kick, the developer is working with System Shock concept artist Robert Waters on the revival of the classic – which Kick says the company hopes to bring to console at some point.

Apart from the System Shock remake, Night Dive is hopeful it can make a System Shock 3 in the future, although that would require the assistance of an outside company.

[Source: Fast Company]


Our Take
Kudos to the effort Kick and company put into tracking down the rights to the franchise; an excellent example of fans rescuing a franchise that might otherwise lay dormant in the archives of a larger company.