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Fire Emblem Fates Version Details Explained

by Joe Juba on Nov 12, 2015 at 10:33 AM

We’ve known that the upcoming Fire Emblem release would be split into two alternate versions, but has Nintendo released some info about how exactly the distribution of these iterations will roll out.

Birthright and Conquest present two takes on the same story, so you may only want to purchase one. However, players who get one version (which costs $40) will be able to download the other for a discounted $20.

Beyond those, a third epilogue chapter, entitled Revelation, will come out after Birthright and Conquest release. If you absolutely must have the complete experience, you should get the $80 special edition, which includes Birthright, Conquest, Revelation, an art book, and a pouch for your 3DS.

Players will also be able to additional DLC further down the line, including one free map and six more for purchase.