Rise Of The Tomb Raider Includes Twitch Interactive Features

by Mike Futter on Nov 10, 2015 at 07:15 AM

With Rise of the Tomb Raider out today, Twitch is full of people streaming and watching Lara Croft’s latest adventure. If you’re not, you might want to. There are some in-game bonuses you can earn for doing both.

Those that own the game on Xbox One can stream the expedition mode via Twitch and allow those watching to influence the gameplay. At certain points, viewers will be able to vote on one of two expedition cards.

Once voting has completed, the winning card will become active for five minutes. These have the potential to make things more challenging, easier, or distort the gameplay with Big Head Mode or other modifiers. 

Those that watch streams have the opportunity to earn in-game credits for use on expedition card packs. If the person streaming finishes a side mission, challenge tomb, or crypt, the viewers receive credits. Viewer rewards are only available while watching via the Twitch app on Xbox One. 

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Our Take
These types of interactive features are neat, but I’d always choose to play rather than watch. There’s too much good stuff out there to play to spend my time watching streams.