December Cover Revealed – Quantum Break

by Ben Reeves on Nov 03, 2015 at 05:00 AM

Remedy has a history of creating story-focused action games that play with television’s storytelling format. With Quantum Break, the studio has gone all out, creating a professional-quality, live-action show that will be bundled with the game. The process hasn’t been easy, but for a studio looking to rewrite the rules of video game storytelling, Remedy wasn’t expecting anything less. Since the game's announcement in 2013, we've seen bits and pieces about the game and its show, but in this issue of Game Informer we finally explain how both pieces fit together and break down exactly what players can expect from the final product.

After Jack Joyce and his childhood friend Paul Serene get caught up in a time-travel experiment gone wrong, they both acquire time-manipulation powers. Unfortunately, that same experiment has created a fracture in time that threatens to bring time to a complete stop. Jack’s friend Paul jumps into the future seeking safety, only to emerge moments later as a much older version of himself who has become far more sadistic. Now, Jack must use his time powers to confront his friend and look for a way to fix time before it completely unravels. 

In the latest issue of Game Informer, we travel to Espoo, Finland and get the full scoop on Quantum Break’s lengthy development process. We break down exactly how the game and its show will work together to tell a larger narrative. The Quantum Break show will feature four episodes, but players’ actions during the game will change events in the show leading to wildly different events in each episode. Remedy also put a controller in our hands, so we have the world’s first hands-on impressions with the game. Quantum Break releases on Xbox One on April 5, but you can learn about how Remedy hopes to revolutionize video game storytelling by reading the issue later today.

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