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[Update] Loot Crate’s $75 Special Edition Mass Effect Crate On Sale Now

by Mike Futter on Nov 02, 2015 at 08:31 AM

Update: You can order your special edition Mass Effect crate from Loot Crate right now. The bundle includes $150 worth of items for $75.

To order, head over to Loot Crate's website.

Original Story:

Now that Loot Crate has completed sales of its Fallout 4 crate, it’s time to turn attention to Mass Effect. The company has revealed more details about its special edition crate, including the price.

Loot Crate has priced the special edition bundle at $75. Some of the items (reportedly valued at a total of more than $150) in the crate are entirely exclusive, and the offering includes clothing (including, we assume, the N7 hoodie pictured above).

Sales timing will likely be on or near BioWare’s annual Mass Effect celebration on November 7 (N7 Day). We’ll update once we know more. Stay tuned to the official sales page. You do not need to be a subscriber to purchase the special edition crates.