Sony Starting PlayStation Plus eSports League

by Matthew Kato on Oct 27, 2015 at 05:33 AM

A French PlayStation website has appeared for PlayStation Plus League – an eSports platform for PS4 players with online tournaments, championships, and other competitions.

The site lists tournaments for games like Battlefield Hardline, Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, FIFA 16, Driveclub, Project Cars, Mortal Kombat X, Rocket League, Ultra Street Fighter IV, and a handful of others.

It appears the league will feature teams of various sizes (including solo play), cash prizes, season-to-season competitions, one-off competitions, championships, skill-based divisions, online/offline play, and other structural nuances.

PlayStation Plus League requires subscription to the PS+ service. It's unknown at this time if PlayStation Plus League will be brought over to North America.

For more info, click into the various FAQs on this site

We'll hopefully learn more at Sony's Paris Games Week presentation today. Watch it here.

[Source: PlayStation France]


Our Take
A good move to both provide an esports experience as well as give something extra to PS+ subscribers.