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Summon Nature To Your Whim In Michel Ancel's Wild

by Ben Reeves on Oct 27, 2015 at 08:38 AM

Wild Sheep Studios creative director and Rayman’s father Michel Ancel gave an impressive demo for his new game, Wild.

Last year at Gamescom, Ancel showed off Wild Sheep Studios’ new project called Wild. In order to save a clan member who has been bitten by a snake, a shaman has to journey across the country to visit the temple of the snake. During his journey, he will be able to enter trances and call on the gods of the wild for help.

By assuming the body of an eagle, players can fly over the clouds and catch snakes. But the shaman can also call bears out of the forest and ride them across the country. Alternatively, he can become a rabbit and sneak into an enemy camp. Check out the demo in full below.