[Update] You Can Make Destiny's Festival Of The Lost Masks At Home

by Mike Futter on Oct 27, 2015 at 06:12 AM

Update: In addition to the in-game goodies, Bungie is giving you a way to celebrate the Festival of the Lost at home. You can dress up as one of four different things from the Destiny universe.

You can don the visage of The Taken King himself, Oryx, the three-eyed Eris Morn, the Speaker, or an engram. You can download templates on Bungie's website.

Original Story:

Bungie and Activision are celebrating Halloween in Destiny with candy, masks, and frightful screams. Oh, and if you’re into the whole paid cosmetic thing, there are three new emotes to purchase.

The Festival of the Lost starts today, with the Tower decorated for the holiday. A spooky purple hue, candles, and paper engrams are scattered about the plaza. 

You’ll also hear bits of jaunty holiday music and blood-curdling screams. And if you visit Eva Levante in the Tower’s North section, you’ll get a Treasures of the Lost bag that has a random mask and the start of a trick-or-treat style quest.

Tess Everis is selling three new emotes. The “Boo” emote will cost you 300 silver. Monster Dance will run you 500. Zombie Dance, modeled after Michael Jackson’s Thriller, is a whopping 700. Silver will cost you $5 for 500, $10 for 1,100, or $20 for 2,300. That puts the Zombie Dance at a minimum buy-in of $10 if you have no silver.

You can also purchase more Treasures of the Lost bags at three different price points. They come in 200, 500, and 900 Silver varieties.

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Note: The zombie dance price was originally listed incorrectly in the story. It's been fixed. Buy-in to get that emote is still $10 if you have no silver.

Note 2: There is also a new Crucible map made available as part of the Festival of the Lost. Cathedral of Dusk is set on the Dreadnaught.