NBA Pros Chris Paul, Roy Hibbert, and Paul George Unite For Charity In NBA Escape

by Marcus Stewart on Oct 26, 2015 at 01:02 PM

NBA Escape is a free-to-play mobile title by developer Urthworx that hopes to help as well as entertain. The game blends Angry Birds-style basketball mechanics with several fundraising elements.

NBA Escape takes place at the beginning of the NBA season, with a villain known as The Dribbler kidnapping the league's best players and shrinking them to the size of a basketball. Featuring 90 players across 30 teams, players must use the miniature athletes to slingshot basketballs across a variety of obstacles to land the ultimate trick shots.  

The charity aspect comes in the form of Urthbling, a special collectible that fills a meter called the Assist-o-scope. Each time the meter hits 100%, a donation is made to Boys & Girls Clubs around the country. Players can earn extra Urthbling by answering awareness-raising trivia questions and viewing in-game videos (such as NBA Cares PSAs). Incentivizing player engagement is Dribbler Dough, another currency earned by playing NBA Escape's charity-based activities and used for purchasing new players and power-ups.

Urthworx's NBA player investors are Chris Paul (L.A. Clippers), Roy Hibbert (Los Angeles Lakers), and Paul George (Indiana Pacers). In addition to the funds earned in NBA Escape, the three plan to contribute money to several charities, including Shoes That Fit and Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington's Youth of the Year Scholarship program. 

You can download NBA Escape now on iOS App store and Google Play.