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Check Out This Destiny-Themed Magic The Gathering Card Set

by Joseph Knoop on Oct 23, 2015 at 08:47 AM

Move over, Grimoire cards. This is how you do Destiny lore right; with a new fan-made set of Destiny-themed Magic the Gathering cards.

The set of cards, first posted by Imgur user “brootalcore1,” shows off each faction in Destiny, each crafted to fit the typical Magic the Gathering color scheme familiar to series fans. The Fallen inhabit the aggressive red and the orderly white. The Cabal, the immense warmongering species reminiscent of Halo’s Brutes, inhabit red, white, and the power-hungry black.

The robotic Vex, logically enough, are assigned blue and green. Of course, to no one’s surprise, the Hive and Oryx’s legion of Taken forces are almost entirely devoted to black.

The good guys of Destiny get their share of the cards, too, with Cayde-6, Eris Morn, and Lord Saladin all acting as legendary creatures. Various vehicles and exotic equipment like the Thorn handcannon and Suros Regime auto rifle can be added into the mix for a modest mana count.

Each card’s ability reads closely enough to what you might find in the middle of a Destiny firefight. Oryx’s special ability allows him to deal damage and then assume control over a creature by placing a “Taken counter” on it. The Vex’s Timegate card allows a player to consistently summon Vex creature tokens during their main phase.

Check out the gallery below for a look at all the cards.

[Source: Imgur User Brootalcore1]