Help Create Just Cause 3's Launch Trailer

by Matthew Kato on Oct 15, 2015 at 02:40 PM

Just Cause 3 is all about making your own mayhem, and publisher Square Enix and developer Avalanche Studios is also calling on fans to use their imagination to help create the game's launch trailer – and win a $5,000 prize package.

Gamers must create their own one- to two-minute trailer for the game using a provided online Creative Kit or by themselves. The entries will be judged in three categories: Best Action, Humor, and Audio, and from these categories an overall winner – whose trailer will become the game's official launch trailer – will be chosen. There will also be plenty of prizes to go around for the best entries.

For more on the rules and details of the contest, head over to the official site.

Just Cause 3 comes out on December 1 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out our hands-on with the game for more info. Also be sure to click the banner below for features from our cover story.

[Source: Square Enix]


Our Take
Apart from wisely getting the community involved, it'll be interesting to see if the winner creates something a bit different from the normal run-of-the-mill launch trailers we've become used to