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The New Devil May Cry Art Book May Be As Stylish As Dante Himself

by Marcus Stewart on Oct 13, 2015 at 07:10 AM

Devil May Cry has one of slickest visual styles in gaming, and you can bask in its coolness with Devil May Cry 3142: Graphic Arts. The 224-page book collects works from the first four games, as well as the anime series.

Within its pages are illustrations and concept art of character models, weapons, creatures and locations – plus interviews with series artists and developers. A detailed creator commentary provides insight on the creations behind mainstay characters like Vergil, Trish, Nero, and that Dante guy.   

Oh, and for those who haven’t picked up on the significance of the 3142 title, the number represents the chronological order of the series. Devil May Cry 3 is the earliest point in the timeline, and the not-so-wonderful Devil May Cry 2 is the latest. 

Devil May Cry 3142: Graphics Arts will set you back $44.99 and is available now at Udon Entertainment.

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