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Star Citizen's Squadron 42 Features Ensemble Cast Headlined By Gary Oldman

by Brian Shea on Oct 10, 2015 at 10:49 AM

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During this weekend's CitizenCon, Cloud Imperium Games and Foundry 42 announced the star-studded cast of Squadron 42, the single-player and co-op experience coming to Star Citizen. The cast is headed up by Gary Oldman, who will play the role of Admiral Bishop in the game.

Oldman has enjoyed a long and illustrious career that has seen him taking on iconic roles such as Lee Harvey Oswald in JFK, Count Dracula in Bram Stoker's Dracula, as well as antogonistic roles in True Romance, The Fifth Element, and Air Force One. More recently, Oldman filled the roles of Commissioner Gordon in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy, Sirius Black in the Harry Potter series, and Dreyfus in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

This isn't the first time Oldman has lent his voice to video games. He appeared in the Call of Duty series as Viktor Reznov, as well as multiple roles across the Spyro and Medal of Honor series, in addition to a major role in the recently released Lego Dimensions.

Also joining the cast of Squadron 42 are Mark Hamill (Star Wars, Batman: Arkham), Gillian Anderson (X-Files, The Fall), Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Planet of the Apes), and John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones). You can check out the full announced cast below.

Today marks the third anniversary of the Star Citizen crowd-funding campaign. CIG has also announced the launch of its new website devoted to Squadron 42, which you can view here.


Our Take
Though there has been a lot of drama surrounding Star Citizen lately, this is some good news for those who are looking forward to CIG's ambitious sci-fi experience.