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Learn Why Virtual Reality Matters In Epic Games' Ongoing Documentary

by Tim Turi on Oct 09, 2015 at 06:20 AM

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In relation to the millions of video game enthusiasts of the world, only a lucky few have been able to strap a virtual-reality kit to their face and experience the mystifying experience for themselves. Thankfully for the majority, the studio behind Unreal Engine and Gears of War, Epic Games, is delivering an ongoing mini-documentary series that explains the technology, development vision, and uncanny experience of being transported into a digital world. Check out the third episode today, "Storytelling in Virtual Reality," to understand how virtual reality unlocks new depth for developers to tell their tales.

A large variety of game developers offer their perspectives in the documentary, from Oculus Rift creator Palmer Lucky to Adam Orth, the creator of interstellar castaway adventure, Adr1ft.

If you haven't been watching Epic Games' Sense of Presence documentary series, be sure to watch them all from the beginning. We've added the stories in order below.

Episode 1: "What Is Virtual Reality?"

Episode 2: "Building Virtual Reality"

Episode 3: "Storytelling In Virtual Reality"

[Source: Epic Games' Unreal Engine YouTube channel]

Our Take
It's nearly impossible to accurately describe the experience of VR in words. As someone who has experienced a decent variety of VR demos, from the terrifying Alien: Isolation with Oculus, or playing a godlike air-traffic controller on the HTC Vive, Epic Games' documentary does a solid job of conveying the near-magical experience this tech can offer.