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Harmonix 'Working Hard' To Resolve Reported Issues With Rock Band 4

by Brian Shea on Oct 08, 2015 at 01:25 PM

Following the launch of Rock Band 4, there have been several players reporting issues with getting their downloadable content over to the new systems, as well as some who have voiced concerns over issues with instrument compatibility. We reached out to Harmonix to ask the developer to comment on the issues reported by its player-base.

"The Rock Band experience is as important to Harmonix as it is to our players," a Harmonix spokesperson says in a statement provided to Game Informer. "We are passionate about Rock Band, and we'll support it with bug fixes and feature updates for years to come. We're working hard to identify and address the problems that players are reporting, and in most cases we are able to resolve them quickly. We care very much about the small number of players who have reported issues with both Rock Band 4 hardware and software, and we're fixing those problems. We encourage players to visit our FAQ at and to submit a ticket here so we can work directly with each individual to resolve their specific problem."

Even though there are issues in certain parts of the game, the Rock Band 4 launch hasn't been the launch-day disaster that other games have been in the past. Still, Harmonix does acknowledge that some problems exist and that it is working to resolve them as quickly as possible. "Almost everything works right now, and we're committed to making EVERYTHING work," the spokesperson says in the statement. "We're fixing everything right now in the cases where there are issues. We appreciate fans letting us know of any issues they see, we're working to take care of it."

Rock Band 4 launched on Tuesday, October 6. If you'd like to learn more about Rock Band 4, you can read Matt Miller's review here.


Our Take
I've played a decent amount of Rock Band 4 since its launch this week, and I haven't had any instrument compatibility issues using the Rock Band 4 legacy adapter on my Xbox One. However, I have experienced some problems getting my downloadable content entitlements to show up, meaning that some of the DLC I've paid for on Xbox 360 is not showing up as free to download on my Xbox One. Outside of that, the technical problems I've faced have been very few and far between. Still, for those who are encountering problems, it's good to know that Harmonix is on the case.