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November Cover Revealed – Mafia III

by Matt Bertz on Oct 06, 2015 at 06:00 AM

Five years after the release of Mafia II, 2K Games finally took the veil off the ambitious next entry in the series at Gamescom 2015. With a new studio at the helm, Hangar 13, the Mafia franchise is expanding its boundaries beyond those of the Italian mob with a new protagonist, new setting, and new historical era. In our November issue, we detail the creation of this new studio filled with triple-A development veterans and delve into why the studio chose this bold new direction for the series.

Over the course of our 12-page feature, expect to learn more about new protagonist Lincoln Clay, his lieutenants, and two new characters that aid Lincoln Clay in his revenge quest against mob boss Sal Marcano. The story also details Hangar 13's new approach to building out the open world, reveals why the studio chose to set the game in a fictional version of New Orleans in the late '60s, and highlights the technological jumps the game is taking with its driving and combat. 

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Watch our teaser trailer below (or on YouTube) to learn more about Hangar 13 and the bold new direction 2K Games is taking the Mafia franchise.

In addition to our Mafia III content, this month’s issue also celebrates Mario's 30-year anniversary with Brian Shea's 12-page profile of the mustachioed plumber's legacy. Ben Reeves investigates how Scuf Gaming has succeeded where other third-party controller manufacturers have failed in making better gamepads than the first-party offerings, and we go hands-on with high-profile holiday releases Halo 5: Guardians and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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We have several great features lined up for the rest of October, including a look at the talent behind Hangar 13, a look into the history of organized crime in New Orleans, and insight into how the open-world setting is evolving from Mafia II. Click on the banner below to visit our hub for all our Mafia III coverage throughout the month.