Bungie Details Returning Destiny PVP Events

by Kimberley Wallace on Oct 01, 2015 at 01:44 PM

Bungie finally shares its plans for PVP events in its latest weekly update. Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris are both returning and receiving notable adjustments in year two.

The Iron Banner makes its return on October 13 with new weapons and armor. It's also receiving some changes. You no longer need to purchase the tempered buff; as you get the buff for simply participating in the event. Bungie also promises higher drop rates, new emblems, and new bounties. You'll also use legendary marks instead of glimmer to purchase gear from Lord Saladin. Only level 40 Guardians can lead a team and the recommended minimum Light for Iron Banner entry is 230.

Trials of Osiris also has its share of changes. The elimination style PVP mode now has a better drop rate, granting you Trials gear for wins. The more you win, the better the drops. In addition, if you lose, you'll continue to gain more passage coins. Also new is that you must buy all your buffs at the beginning of a Trials passage, rather than being able to purchase certain buffs partway through your passage. New Trials bounties are  now available to obtain Trials gear for those who don't reach the Lighthouse. One of the biggest and most welcome change is matchmaking that will try to pair you with people that currently have the same amount of wins, which should lead to fairer matches overall (and very hard matches when you're at 8-0). The recommended Light is 290 and only Guardians with 251 Light can lead a Fireteam.

For the complete details, you can check out Bungie's blog.

[Source: Bungie's Weekly Update]


Our Take
It's great to hear about some of Bungie's PVP event plans for year two. The Trials of Osiris changes are especially noteworthy; being able to obtain new gear even if you don't make it to the Lighthouse via bounties is great. Also, questionable Trials matchmaking was a big issue during House of Wolves, and knowing you'll be more appropriately squared off against an enemy team is encouraging, and a smart change.