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Watch Metal Gear Solid 3’s Naked Snake Battle Guards and Narcosis in New Fan Film

by Joseph Knoop on Sep 30, 2015 at 07:57 AM

With how expansive Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is, it seems like there’s just no time for series fans to sleep. That didn’t stop the team at Fury Fingers from producing their tribute video to Metal Gear Solid 3’s tranquilizer, though.


Sleeping With the Enemy” sees MGS3: Snake Eater’s Naked Snake take on a patrol of balaclava-clad guards around a decrepit concrete structure similar to the first portion of the game. Even Revolver Ocelot shows up to show off some moves. This is, of course, before everyone receives a tranquilizer dart to the forehead.



The team at Fury Fingers took inspiration from comedic filmmakers like Jackie Chan, attempting to fuse comedic elements with a mix of lethal and non-lethal action designed by choreographer Anthony Rinna. The detail goes beyond set pieces and costumes, with Snake’s fighting style mimicking the actual grappling stances he uses in the game.


“We came up with a story that was all about Snake fighting a bunch of guys with a major disadvantage, which is a real Jackie Chan-esque trademark,” director Nicholas Cleary said in a behind-the-scenes video. "Fight choreography with a real comic edge. Working with Anthony is a real joy. That guy is all heart, and it's all skill, too, so we'll definitely be working with him in a future project."


For more footage of Snake taking on bad guys, check out Fury Fingers’ YouTube channel for their previous video “BOXHOUND."