Cities: Skylines After Dark Expansion Available Today

by Marcus Stewart on Sep 24, 2015 at 09:52 AM

Colossal Order has released a rhyme-tastic trailer for After Dark, the first major expansion for its hit city-simulator Cities: Skylines. The add-on introduces several new ways to interact with your city once the sun sets.

Night-time introduces several new challenges for budding city planners. Players can now schedule city services (such as trash pick-up) during different periods of the day. New tourism features introduce high-rise hotels and other fun destinations. Evening's increased criminal activity calls for new policing options, including the construction of new prisons. Additionally, players can incorporate bus and bike lanes to their streets, and a new taxi system offers another alternative transportation options for the virtual citizens. 

The After Dark DLC is available now for $14.99. Existing Cities: Skylines players (over 1 million of them) will receive the new day/night cycle for free via an update, regardless if they’ve purchased the expansion or not. 

Cities: Skylines is also coming to consoles at an unspecified date, with the Xbox One version debuting first.  For more on Cities: Skylines, read our review.