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A Destiny Mission Is Hiding A Chance At An Exotic Sniper Rifle

by Mike Futter on Sep 23, 2015 at 07:31 AM

During its first year, Destiny was a lot of things, but it rarely inspired a sense of discovery. With The Taken King, Bungie has changed its approach, leaving some of the game’s secrets for fans to discover.

One of those has been unearthed in today’s daily heroic story mission, Lost to Light. If you veer off the prescribed course, you’ll have the chance at earning an exotic sniper rifle called The Black Spindle.

What you need to do is gather a couple of friends for a fireteam (this is important), load up the mission, and continue through the mission until you reach the locked door requiring three keys. If you head toward the area where you fight Taniks in The Shadow Thief (to the right when looking at the door).

Head up to the Ketch and Variks will contact you with a mission. You need to clear the entire ship out in 10 minutes. Do so, and you’ll be awarded the Black Spindle, which seems like a better version of Black Hammer (a reward from the Crota’s End strike).

You can check out a comprehensive video below. Just getting started with Destiny: The Taken King? No worries, we have some tips to help you level quickly. You can also read our review.

[Source: Mister Wooches on YouTube via Kotaku]


Our Take
I’m enjoying The Taken King, and little things like this just make it that much more fun. Good job to Mister Wooches and others that found this on their own.