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Soon You Will Be Able To Take All Of Batman: Arkham Knight's Characters Into AR And Predator Challenges

by Kyle Hilliard on Sep 16, 2015 at 02:30 PM

Batman: Arkham Knight's director (and NPC extra) announced an update today for Batman: Arkham Knight that will give the game's bonus playable characters more freedom soon.

Hill later clarified on twitter that selecting DLC characters will work on all maps, not just the new ones, and it will be a free update. He also answered a number of other questions about upcoming content on twitter. While Nolan's The Dark Knight's tumbler Batmobile is heading to the game, Christian Bale's batsuit is not. Also, the tumbler will not have a tank mode and will function similarly to the Burton 1989 Batmobile. Hill also said there no plans to allow the extra characters to free-roam the city, and that the PC version is still being worked on and that he, unfortunately, has no release date available for the games re-release.

Finally, Hill said on twitter that unlike Arkham Asylum and City, there are no hidden rooms in the game teasing what's next for the Batman Arkham series.

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[Source: @Seftonhill]